Châteaux of the Dordogne

There are over 1000 Châteaux in the Dordogne unfortunately they are not all to the same standard as those found in the Loire Valley. In fact it seems that any farm or group of buildings with a tower or turrets has the right to call itself a Château. A local legend says that:

"God wished to scatter chateaux over the kingdom of France. Passing through Perigord he gave a good shrug of his shoulder to hitch up his enormous bag. Then he discovered that the bag was burst: it was gaping wide, and towers, curtain-walls and pepper boxes were tumbling out. Then, before setting off on his way back to Paradise, the Eternal Father shook out what was left in his travelling bag over the stony hillsides of the Dordogne, the Vezere, and the Auvezere. And there they fell and fell, so many that no other region was richer in chateaux, manors and fine country houses".

Jean Secret, The Perigord, Ed. Tallandier

We have tried to listed below some of the grander ones and those open to the public. As for the rest... You'll just have to come and discover them for yourselves!! Please click on a picture for more information.

Château Beynac

Built 150 metres above the Dordogne river this 800 year old fortress has deterred the English, the weather, but, not the tourists.

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Château Castelnaud

Guardian of the confluance of the Dordogne and the Céou, that natural passage between Quercy and Périgord.

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Château des Milandes

Built by the Lord of Castelnaud for his wife, this was the 15th Century home of Josephine Baker's "Village of the World".

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Château de Monbazillac

This remarkable 16th century castle is now home to some of the finest desert wines in the world.

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Château de Losse

The 16th century home of Jean de Beaulieu, tutor of Henri lV. Guardian of the valley of the Vézère.

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