Just 9 kilometres from Les Lavandes is the Medieval village of Limeuil and the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers. Voted One of the Most Beautiful Villages of France" in 1990, Limeuil offers canoeing, a river beach, and a pretty little village that is well worth exploring.


  • Distance from Les Lavandes: 9 Kilometres Approx
  • Restaurants: Open March to November
  • River Beach
  • Tourists Sites: Open March to November
  • Map Grid: B2



The old fortified walls are still partly visible as you wind your way up the cobbled streets to the top of the village. On the way up you'll pass a couple of restaurants, the Mairie and Tourist Office which has a map of the key points of interest in Limeuil, and some amazing houses of all shapes and sizes, which have clung to the side of the hill for centuries. Whilst walking round the village also notice the very narrow passages between buildings which served for collecting waste water and as a fire break. At the top you'll find the Parc Limeuil and panoramic gardens, which are not spectacular in anyway and, from what we've been told, are very expensive, but do offer a fantastic view over the river.

Back down at river level, is a lovely little river beach, where you can picnic and watch the world go by. A l'Ancre de Salut - Brazerie is a great place to eat in the summer on the terrace overlooking the river. You can order a full lunch or just have a drink and an ice cream.

La Chapelle St Martin

On the edge of Limeuil, about 1 km away on the road towards Le Bugue, is the Chapelle of St Martin. This 12th century chapel still has some of its original frescoes inside. The church is dedicated to Thomas Becket. After striving for a marriage between Henri le Jeune (heir to the English throne) and Marguerite (eldest daughter of the king of France) Becket lost favour when the marriage didn't happen due to the death of Henri. Becket was murdered by followers of the King of England. In attonement for their parts in the murder the King of England and King of France jointly had built three churches which were dedicated to Becket. The Chapelle Saint Martin is one of them.