Menu Guide

There are many local variations in the Dordogne, but here are a few common words you may see on French menus.

Entrées   Starters
Soupe   Soup
Soupe de poisson   Fish soup
Soupe de légumes   Vegetable soup
Soupe de tomate   Tomato soup
Crudités   Selection of raw vegetables
Assiette de charcuterie   Selection of cooked meats
Fruits de mer   Selection of seafood
Salade niçoise   Salad with tuna, peppers, and olives
Salade folle   Salad with foie gras
Foie Gras   Duck or Goose liver Pâté
Plats principaux   Main courses
Steak frites   Steak and chips
Steak tartare   Raw steak
Bouillabaisse   Fish soup with pieces of fish
Desserts   Desserts
Sorbet   Sorbet
Crêpe   Pancake
Crème brûlée   Crème brûlée
Crème Caramel   Egg Custard with Caramel topping
Tarte aux pommes   Apple tart
Gâteau   Cake
En-cas   Snacks
Frites   Chips
Croque Monsiuer   A grilled ham and cheese sandwich
Croque Madame   A croque-monsieur served with a fried egg or poached egg on top
Cacahuètes   Peanuts
Des chips   Crisps
Des olives   Olives
Viennoiseries   Sweet pastries
Croissant   A buttery flaky bread roll named for its well known crescent shape.
Pain au chocolat   Pastry with chocolate
Pain aux raisins   Pastry with raisins